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Conversation stories

Have you had a good conversation lately?
If so, please tell us about it and we’ll add it to our good conversations map!

Jenny's story

"I was reading a book in Hebrew on the tube and the woman sitting next to me looked really interested in what I was reading. She asked me about the book, we chatted about the similarities of Hebrew and Spanish, and then I gave her my business card so she could ask me for advice on using Twitter. We've actually kept in touch. Amazing!"

James’ story

There was a guy standing beside me, who was reading a book. I started reading it over his shoulder, and when he looked up, I was about to apologise but he started talking about the book. He told me he always attempted to read something enlightening as it made him feel a bit better about life and made him more productive! It was such a nice and unexpected conversation – and it got me thinking about my own reading habits!

Anneka’s story

"I was waiting for ages on the Tube platform one night, I started talking to the girl sitting next to me. She was Czech and was working at a well-known sandwich chain. She was so upbeat and positive about London and living in the UK. At the end of the journey she emphasised how good it was to talk, and pulled out a sandwich from her bag and gave it to me. Perhaps my stomach had been rumbling too loudly..."

Bill’s story

I once had a great conversation with this awesome plumber who was originally from Ghana. He told me how to get a trustworthy plumber if I ever needed one. We compared the weather in Ghana and the UK and we talked about his two divorces. It was so interesting to hear all about his life – I even changed my route so that we could chat for longer. Now I want to go to Ghana, and I know so much more about plumbing!