Audrey's story

"Waiting for the first of two nightbuses home from Camden, I met a young jazz composer. I asked him about British jazz, and he asked me whether going to university was worth it. I don't remember his name, but he played me some of his music on his phone. He had smiley green eyes, and a teenage complexion. It was really good to have such an open conversation with someone out of the blue."


Alise’s story

"I was standing on a bus going to Brockley, and I would have thought I’d looked unapproachable, but instead a man sitting close by saw I was carrying a guitar. He gave me a big smile and asked if I’d play him a song! Before long we were chatting about traveling and living in different countries and cities around the world, and about music, and quite a few people around us joined in. 30 minutes later, when I got off the bus, I felt entirely differently about London!"

Philippa’s story

"At the station at Earls Court a young man asked me how my day had been. As we were speaking, an older lady in the meantime sat down by us and said she liked the fact we were talking was great! When the young man got off the tube, another man opposite me mentioned how nice it was to see us talking, and we got talking too. The talking was contagious. I had a smile across my face all the way home."